A Furpect Love & Protection: Get Your Dog Insured With Malayan’s Pet Care Insurance

Malayan’s Pet Care Insurance

As a fur parent who owns 4 amazing dogs, I wanted to give to them the furpect love and protection that they truly deserve. Pardon me for being sentimental, but they really bring joy all the time, effortlessly boosting my mood despite all the stressors I’m experiencing on a daily basis. I know every furparent would agree, nothing more is important than the health and safety of our fluffy furball. We always want to give them the best so that they make the most out of their lives while they are with us.

Owning a pet is a responsibility as well. It’s like raising your very own child. That’s why we should always be aware and well-informed on how we can better take care of them and secure our dog’s overall protection. Aside from providing the basic needs of our dogs such as water, food, shelter, and socialization, bringing them to the vet for regular check-up and vaccination is a must do most especially in times of health emergencies.

Our dogs getting sick, caught up in an accident, has damaged a property, or accidentally bit someone. These are some of the untoward events that we wouldn’t want to happen. And believe me, if these things happen, it could be financially draining. That’s why getting your dog/s insured is very important.

Maybe you are wondering, is there such a thing?. A dog insurance? Yes there’s one from Malayan Insurance and it is called… the Malayan’s Pet Care Insurance. Malayan’s Pet Care Insurance is a 3-in-1 insurance plan for pets and pet owners. It provides coverages such as medical reimbursement for any veterinary treatment, liability coverage, and even personal accident (PA) insurance for dog owners.

The introduction of an insurance product for pets in the country, specifically for dogs, is part of Malayan Insurance’s plan to produce more innovative products that the company can offer to the general public. It is the company’s way of continuing to push efforts in providing relevant insurance protection to Filipinos in every possible way.

Check out the coverages below:

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Our dog getting sick is inevitable and we don’t know when will that happen. I’ve been there. When one of my dogs got hospitalized for Leptospirosis, I paid around 30-40,000 pesos for medical expenses such as laboratories, confinement, medications, etc. Too bad my dog is not insured that time, so all of that money came out of my pocket. Luckily, my dog survived.

With Malayan’s Pet Care Insurance Medical Reimbursement, it can cover up to P300,000 of medical expenses incurred to treat or diagnose the insured dog in case it gets into an accident or acquires sudden illness.


Our furbaby loves to play most of the time, and sometimes they can accidentally damage properties. And also, it’s a possibility that they may become aggressive and can bite someone accidentally.  With Malayan’s Pet Care Insurance Pet Owner’s Liability Benefit, it covers damages and costs incurred(up to 300,000) for any liabilities to third-parties due to the actions of the insured pet. If these kind of situation arises, Malayan’s Pet Care Insurance got you covered.


Accidents can happen anytime, that is why Malayan Insurance included pet owners as well. Owners of the insured dog will also get a Personal Accident Insurance which covers up to Php50,000 in the event of accidental death, disablement, and dismemberment while the policy is in force.


IS MY DOG ELIGIBLE TO GET Malayan’s Pet Care Insurance? 

Dogs who are qualified to avail the Malayan’s Pet Care Insurance have to be between six months to eight years old and currently vaccinated as prescribed by the Philippine Animal Hospital Association (PAHA).



Yes you can insure your beloved pet dog for as low as Php2,800/year. There are 3 Malayan’s Pet Care Insurance Plan options to choose from. PLAN A-Php 2,800, PLAN B-Php 4,200, PLAN C-Php 5,400. For pet owners, you may avail the Owner’s Personal Accident Coverage for as low as Php15.

Getting your beloved dog an insurance is something that every fur parent should consider. Yes it may cause a bit extra, but it is worth it by the time that you will need financial assistance when your dog gets sick, got into an accident, or have caused property damage. Since we can’t predict when these things are happening, we should always be ready. One thing is for sure, we love our dogs, and pet insurance like Malayan’s Pet Care Insurance is one tool that enables us to care for them without financial burden.

To know more about Malayan’s Pet Care Insurance, visit www.malayan.com


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