Want To Know About Contraception and Reproductive Health? ASK MARA

Reproductive health specifically contraception is one of the topics that are not openly discussed here in the Philippines. Since we are a conservative country, many filipinos-majority of women and couples are reluctant to reach out beacause they are not aware or has limited access to the right channels to get the right information about this matter.

This is the reason why the government and even private sectors are doing some actions in order to properly disseminate correct information when it comes to contraception and reproductive health in general. And what a better way to spread awareness is through online where almost everyone has access to.

As a global leader in women’s health, Bayer has launched ASK MARA, the go-to-gal for online advice on contraception and reproductive health to help bridge this gap in the Philippines.

ASK MARA offers key information and resources on reproductive health in the convenience of their smartphone via the Facebook Messenger app. This will give women access to credible and reliable information anytime, anywhere without having to worry about possible stigma.

“We recognize the power and reach of the digital platform to educate Filipinos about reproductivehealth and contraception. As we have been activelysupporting various awareness and advocacy programs in the Philippines, this is another important channel tospread the right information on the said topic.” said Junil Kim, Country Division Head of Bayer Pharmaceuticals.

ASK MARA chatbot provides information to women on the different contraceptive options available, both natural and modern methods. Mara shares the usage, pros, and cons of contraceptive pills, condoms, and intrauterine devices among others. She also responds to frequently asked questions and includes a pill reminder feature to help those who are just getting started.

“We generally feel comfortable asking our best friends on sensitive topics. Ask Mara essentially is providing a pseudo one-on-one engagement online. We need to provide this type of private setting to Filipinos so women will be encouraged to ask questions and get the right answers pertaining to contraception and reproductive health. This will also prompt them to consult us physicians if they have more pressing questions,” said Marie Michelle Dado, MD, Fellow of the Philippine Obstetrical and Gynecological Society.

Visit https://www.facebook.com/AskMaraPH/ to start chatting with ASK MARA on the Facebook Messenger.

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