PlumCare DNA Advisor: Know Your Genetic Code

PlumCare DNA Advisor

Genetics. It might seem to sound like a complicated subject matter, but it is very important to know what it’s all about. It is what you are made of, which was passed on to you by your parents and ancestors(time to look at your family tree).

From the roots of your hair, to the color of your eyes, shape of your nose, your height, and even diseases such as heart problems, Diabetes, and Cancer, just to mention a few. All of these can be determined through your genes.

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What is Genetics?

Genetics is the study of heredity. Heredity is a biological process where a parent passes certain genes onto their children or offspring. The genes are further made up of unique codes of chemical bases comprising of A, T, C and G (Adenine, Thymine, Cytosine and Guanine). These chemical bases make up combinations with permutations and combinations. These chemical bases are part of the DNA. The words when stringed together act as the blueprints that tells the cells of the body when and how to grow, mature and perform various functions. With age the genes may be affected and may develop faults and damages due to environmental and endogenous toxins.(Source:    


Disease can adversely impact one’s ability to live a full, productive and meaningful life. While no one is immune from infirmity, some families carry a stronger predilection for certain diseases ones that are passed down the family tree.

Some of these conditions are relatively common -hypertension, diabetes, cancer and we see them manifested in our forebears. However, some may actually be lurking in our genetic makeup without any manifestation in the family. Unknown to most people at risk, these silent diseases can show up and rear their ugly heads at a time they are least expected to Sadly, for generations, there has been no way of getting this information before disease strikes…until now.

Plumcare DNA Advisor

Cordlife Genscreen introduces Plumcare DNA Advisor, developed by Dr Petros Tsipouras, a specialist in clinical genetics a an adjunct professor at the Yale University School of Medicine, and Dr. Paul Billings, a specialist in genomic medicine. All testing is performed US-based facilities accredited by the College of American Pathologists (“CAP”), the global gold standard” for laboratory quality assurance.

“Our commitment to the highest quality standards is our assurance to our clients. They can be confident that their children’s precious stem cells are secure for potentially life-saving use in the future. It is also this dedication to the Filipino family’s future health that is the driving force behind our bringing Genscreens, Cordlife’s genetic testing service arm, into our country.” said Michael Arnonobal, CEO of Cordlife Medical Philippines.

Plumcare DNA Advisor can help Filipino families detect potentially disease-causing genetic variants, made possible through a thorough analysis of the DNA of each family member. Designed for families of 3 or more, the test relies on cutting-edge sequencing technology and on a wealth of big data to provide meaningful and actionable insights into a family’s genetic make-up. Many hereditary diseases can be prevented or managed detected early enough.

Testing Now, Peace of Mind For The Future

Advances in the field of genetics are accelerating at an unprecedented rate, level of public awareness. In fact, more than 80% of Filipino welcome the idea of genetic screening.

PlumCare DNA Advisor

“Awareness of specific genetic variants can enable families to make more informed health choicesand even take proactive preventive measures, when and where applicable. We believe this new service will empower families to better manage health risks for conditions they may be predisposed to We wanted to specifically ensure the wonderful people of the Philippines could share in the benefits Cordlife’s diagnostic business is delivering to other countries in the region.” said Michael Weiss, Group CEO of Cordlife Group Limited.

How is DNA sequencing Done?


Plumcare DNA Advisor uses whole Exome sequencing (wES), which effectively maps out the exact composition or sequence of approximately 20,000 genes where nearly 85% of disease-causing DNA variations are found.

This is done by collecting DNA from adults and children above the age of 6 years old using a saliva tube which is included in the collection k Collection from children younger than 6 years old will be done using a swab sponge.

The test specimens are then sent to the high-quality and reliable genetic testing laboratory in the US, where Plumcare is based, with results available within 60 days after of sample by the US Lab. Genetic counsellors are then available to give advice to help you make the necessary lifestyle adjustment or preventive care.

Through PlumCare DNA Advisor, families can now be armed with the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions about health and lifestyle choices as a family. This knowledge can help in the prevention, monitoring and treatment of potential condition.

Find out more about PlumCare DNA Advisor at http://LDNAadvisor or schedule a consultation by calling at (02)470 1735 and (02)332 1888, or via mobile +63 998 848 6064

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