Viber Version 3.1 Now Available on Windows 8 Plus New Sticker Menu

Viber a free mobile messaging application just released a new version (Version 3.1)specifically for Windows 8 which will bring Windows 8 users a different kind of Viber experience. With Viber’s Version 3.1 for Windows 8,  numerous new features, enhancements, and bug fixes were made.

viber gbt2 

One of the main enhancements of the new version is a new sticker menu that makes it easier than ever for users to add fun and playful stickers to conversations with their friends. The new version also includes many free stickers for users to enjoy.

viber gbt1

Additional new features for Viber Version 3.1 on Windows 8 include:

  –“Last online” status lets users know when their contacts are online. 

– “Seen” status lets users know when their messages have been seen.

-Ability to add descriptions to photo and video messages.

– Group sync – upon activation of an existing account, all groups will be synced onto the new device.

– Larger photo and video thumbnails in conversations.

 –New message indication in conversations.

The updated version also brings support for 13 additional languages as well as multiple other improvements and bug fixes.


You can download Viber’s Version 3.1 fo Windows 8 here:

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