Ultimate Schick Look 2011: Shave for a Cause… Grand Finals

Its an honor to attend and participate to this kind of charity event, The Ultimate Schick Look 2011: Shave for a Cause is a campaign to celebrate individuality and freedom from everyday stress. Students from different universities joined in high hopes to be chosen as the new face of Schick and help a lucky individual with a case of cleft lip.

I’m a nurse by profession and I’ve seen and been with patients/friends with cleft lip and I can see that it is hard for them having that kind of defect. So, I salute Schick and GMA foundation for making this event possible for the benefit of people with cleft lip.

This event was held last November 25, at Dolce Super club in Tomas Morato , QuezonC ity. Candidates from different university showed their charms, and style as they battle for the title of the first  “Ultimate Schick Look 2011”

Congratulations to the ULTIMATE SCHICK LOOK 2011 WINNERS:

Male Ultimate Schick Look 2011 Winner:
Mark Neil Luz

Female Ultimate Schick Look 2011 Winner:
Camille Ladao

First Runner-up:
Benjie Almoite
Jeremy Taguinod

USL Photogenic:
Kenneth Denina
Jasem An Vienice Ella

USL ng Bayan:
Jeremy Taguinod
Mark Neil Luz

USL Talent:
Eleazar Manalili
Hannah Andrea Lacsamana

USL Style:
Benjie Almoite
Leah Melissa Bantola

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