TORQUE…Creativity in Motion

TORQUE is the forerunner in providing a complete line up of DUAL SIM PHONES. In this time of technological advancements, it is not uncommon that Filipinos have not just one but at least two SIMS. Sometimes they separate work SIM and personal SIM cards.

TORQUE recognized this change in the market and understood the needs of the Filipino people. With these DUAL SIM PHONES, people do not need lug around two separate phones instead merge both work SIM and personal SIM in one.  TORQUE showcases a variety of DUAL SIM PHONES that cater to the different needs of the people without the added cost. It is very affordable, a good choice if you’re looking for a gift to your special someone.

Together with their Celebrity Endorsers namely Luis Manzano, Billy Crawford, Carla Avellana, and Iya Villania(not present in the presscon) TORQUE presents its new lineup of their touch and android phones.


Today, android phones are very widely used, the gaining popularity of Android OS combined with lots of ingenuity and innovation, TORQUE has made this possible and has come up with a bunch of devices that will suit a diverse group of individuals.

Personally, I would like to have an android phone, but most of it are not affordable and some of it are android based but I don’t like the look of the phone. As a consumer, I’m looking for affordable android phone that will suite my taste…and then I saw Torque Android phones… It’s definitely gonna be my top choice. It has all the requirement that I have been looking for…Looks, affordability, ANDROID.

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