The “SumoSam” Dining Experience

Rey of and I loves food, and we want to try different cuisines. So when we got this invite at SumoSam’s newly opened branch at Gilmore Quezon City to taste their new Yokozuna Bento the “SAMURAI CHOICE”, we didn’t have a second thought of going.

About SumoSam…


SumoSam Gilmore Branch facade

SumoSam placed a big Menu list at the front of the resto for customer’s guidance

Inside, you will feel the nice ambiance of the place.They use Japanese lantern  lamps which gives warm lighting look, They also use wooden furnitures, comfortable couches on the side. The looks of the place is really Japanese.

SumoSam also have a Beverage Bar on the side and Sushi Bar on the other side, all in the same counter

SumoSam also has a small but very clean common comfort room.

SumoSam’s Menu has a Japanese look layout (looks very nice by the way) 🙂

Spoon and Fork were also available for those who do not know how to use chopsticks. 🙂

And now to the main event…EATING TIME! 🙂

 SumoSam’s Green and Red Iced Tea( I like the green much better 😉 )

Soysauce and Dilis( I think SumoSam is using Kikoman for their Soysauce. Just guessing. :))

SumoSam’s new Yokozuna Bento the “SAMURAI CHOICE”(Php488), I love their presentation of  this meal, very elegant. They use wooden box with different compartment and it has its own cover. The box is kinda heavy, but its just fine, you will not carry it while eating anyways heheheh… 🙂

 Samurai’s Choice(Php488) consist of chicken teriyaki,beef misono (us beef knuckle),dory tepan,tuna and salmon sashimi,kani stick,bean sprout,yasai itame,gohan,dilis.

Here are other bentos that are included in the Yokozuna Bento selections…

Chicken Teriyaki Bento(Php408) -consist chicken teriyaki,tuna sashimi,gohan,bean sprout,dilis.

Osaka Tempura Bento(Php449)-Consist of ebi tempura,kisu tempura,dory tempura,vegie kakiage,tuna sashimi,gohan,dilis,bean sprout.

Tsukiji Tonkatsu and Salmon Bento(Php449)-Consist of tonkatsu,grilled salmon,tuna and salmon sashimi,gohan,dilis,bean sprout.

Matsuya Katsu Bento(Php318)- Consist of katsudon ( pork tenderloin),tuna sashimi,gohan,bean sprout,dilis

To know more about SumoSam Click Here:

SumoSam Team

SumoSam Branches

***Eating at SumoSam was a great dining experience, its a bit costly but it is worth it. If you are looking for a dating place SumoSam could be one of your choices, especially when you are craving for Japanese food. Thumbs UP! 🙂

SumoSam’s Mascot and Me

Bloggers photo op. with one of SumoSam’s owners Mr. Marvin Agustin

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