The “Mr. Jones” Dining Experience…

Mr. Jones… Jones… calling Mr. Jones…. I can associate the name of this restaurant to this song… It’s easy to remember. Last December 15,2011, another Eat’s A Date event was held at Mr. Jones Restaurant located at Greenbelt 5.

The Place:

The Place looks cozy, clean and elegant (60’s inspired).


This resto has a semi-open kitchen where you can see how they prepare your order. If you can observe in the picture you can see on the kitchen counter where they put their cooked orders before garnishing, there are two lights hanging. I believe this is for them to see and check the food for any unwanted elements in your order before being served.This is good because the customers will definitely served with good quality foods.

They also have bar for wines and other drinks to include a counter with selection of desserts.

They have a mini game there…The soccer board hehehehe…(located in front of the bar)

There are tables and chairs outside for those who wanted to smoke, or if the place inside is full already or maybe for those people who just want to eat outside and see people passing by or wanted to see and eat outdoors.

The Food: 

We were served with 6 of their delicious meals namely…

1.”Grrreeen Goddess” Cobb salad (PHP450) – it contains grilled chicken, crispy bacon, toasted almonds, fresh tomato, fresh parmesan, whole baby romaine & homemade Caesar dressing. If you are dieting or choosing a good appetizer this would be nice. The taste is just like any vegetable salad. Of course the taste would vary depending on the salad dressing you are using. In this case, they use the Caesar dressing. I like it, the veggies were served fresh and crunchy… If you’re on a diet or a vegetarian, this meal is the right one for you.

2. “Truffled Disco” , Beef Gravy & Cheese Fries (PHP395)- I’m a lover of fries ever since, when I tasted Mr. Jone’s fries… Oh my gosh! I love it. The combination of fries and cheese are jiving. It has two different fries in there, the stip one which is breaded(taste like mojo potatoes) and the diced one about an inch size. This combination of potato fries is topped with chunky beef smothered with mild mushroom gravy & “fondue” cheese drizzled with truffle oil. The taste was really good. This my personal favorite, since i love cheese and potatoes.

3. A “Wet” California Big Burrito Platter (PHP 395)– Topped with melted cheddar & jack cheese, loaded with carnitas, black beans, mexican rice, salsa fresca, olives & sourcream served with tortilla chips. This meal is really heavy, since the burrito has rice in it, it’s like rice shawarma. The gourmet sauces served with it really has distinct taste.

4. Wicked Truffled Mac n’ Cheese(PHP375)- Baked with 3 types of macaroni, 4 cheeses, “canadian style” double smoked bacon baby portobello mushrooms & green peas drizzled with truffle oil. This is a nice meal, I expected that it will be a salty dish but its  not. I like it.

5.  Sizzlin’ Butter Seafood “Foil Boil”(PHP420)– Prawns, mussles, clams and dory wrapped in a foil pouch fresh lemon and parsley, served with grilled sourdough. I love the taste of the seafood, the sauce is quite salty but the taste is good.

and lastly…

6. Warm Baked Brownie & a Blondie…So Good!(PHP350)- served warm with 1 scoop of mantecado &  1 scoop of chocolate ice cream. FYI, literally this dessert was really served warm(except for the ice cream of course), the brownies was freshly baked.


Mr. Jones serves us 2 of their drinks

Tropical Fruit Punch(PHP125) and grape Frozen Iced Tea(PHP125)

Mr. Jones Menu

I would recommend this place if you are looking for a dating place, or a place for your family and friends to dine in. It’s quite costly but the food servings are big. Per meal can serve about 2-3 persons. The ambiance is also good since it is located at Greenbelt area -Cristelle Torres

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