Stallmart, Building Trends In The Food Cart Franchising Business

For more than 30 years, Stallmart Inc. has been providing food cart franchising business and is making a big impact in local entrepreneurship by offering high-profit-low-investment businesses like stalls and kiosks. As of today, Stallmart  has over 90 franchised stores and is growing.


Stallmart, Inc. aims to become the strongest in the stall and kiosk industry by offering affordable packages for aspiring businessmen and provides support to franchisees such as:

-Site evaluation assistance
-Staff training
-Operations support
-Marketing support.

The company was founded 2012 by a group of experts who also made Mister Donuts successful. The group also wanted to address the growing demand for high-profit-low-investment businesses of stalls and kiosks which we are seeing mostly on MRT/LRT, malls and other commercial establishments.

“There are always new and innovative ideas waiting to be materialized,” says Terry Yap, Business Development and Franchising Director of Mister Donut Philippines. “Franchising allows brands to have multiple branches in strategic locations opening simultaneously, dominating the market even before competitors develop their own businesses. Stallmart addresses the strong demand for low-investment, high-profit businesses brought about by emerging trends in the Philippine franchising business. Franchising has had a positive contribution to the Philippine economy with millions of jobs created because of these businesses. It is also a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to start with, without a lot of money to invest.”she added.



I was included to a group of bloggers to take a bite of  some of the food sold by Stallmart’s different stalls and kiosk. It was really an afternoon of feast and full belly for us bloggers 🙂





Each food cart has a different food choices to offer, like chinese deli(siopao/siomai), milk tea, pizza, nachos and the known street-food meal, the fried isaw, crispy chicken skin and many more.

Take a sneak peek on Stallmart’s Food Carts and Kiosk and its corresponding Franchise packages for you to have a clear view on what each Food Cart is all about.


We’ve seen this a lot of times mostly on MRT, LRT stations. The appealing smell coming from this Kiosk can make you crave and will crave more once you’ve tasted its products.

Tik-Tok offers different chicken innovations that aims to tickle the Filipinos’ taste buds.


Franchise Package: 
-Price:From Php50,000 to Php160,000
-No franchising Fee
-No Advertising fee
-2% Delivery Charge
-2% Royalty Fee

Siomai Central

This is Stallmart’s way of bringing Chinese cuisine specially Dimsum to its consumers who loves Siomai, Siopao and more.

Franchise Package: (All-in)

-Price: From Php40,000 to Php238,000
-No franchising Fee
-No Advertising fee
-No Delivery Charge
-No Royalty Fee

Just recently, Stallmart launched their three new food cart brands which will definitely give its consumers satisfaction of taste without spending much. ThirTea, Fold N’ Roll and Little Mexico.


The brand name speaks for itself, ThirTea is not just about tea but about affordability. With price range starting from Php 35, you can enjoy the exquisite taste of cold milk tea that will surely quench your thirst.

Franchise Package
-Price: Php80,000
-No franchising Fee
-No Advertising fee
-No Freight or Delivery Charges
-Royalty Fee 2%

Fold N’ Roll

This is Stallmart’s version of New York-style folded pizza in a much affordable price. Made from hand tossed dough and topped with mozzarella cheese, Fold N’ Roll will give its consumers the taste of juicy, mouth-watering pizza that is perfect on every bite. It comes in different flavors such as: (NY Fold n’ Rolls)Hawaiian Immigrant, Lombardi Pepperoni, Empire State Supreme, and (High Rollers) Ball Park Roll and God Father.


Franchise Package:
-Price: Php100,000
-No franchising Fee
-No Advertising fee
-Delivery Charge 2%
-Royalty Fee 2%

Little Mexico

Though not out in the market yet, Little Mexico has a promising future in the field of franchising. Now everyone can experience traditional Mexican cuisine in bite-size servings. This will give consumers a more enjoyable experience when it comes to eating mexican food.

Franchise Package: 

***Will be available soon.

I want to franchise these food carts, WHAT SHOULD I DO?

1. Submit your accomplished Letter of Intent addressed to: Franchise Management System together with the following:

-Site Address of preferred location
-Vicinity map
-Complete Contact information.

2. The nominated site will be evaluated by our business Operations Department.

3. Applicants must undergo the following:
– Initial interview.
– Screening
-Background investigation
-Final interview

4. Candidates who passed the assessment will submit the following requirements:
-Any Proof of billing address
-Bank Statement
-Valid IDs(SSS, Driver’s license, comapany ID)
-Registration of the intended company name to be used for the operations and business.

5. Other relevant documents will be processed and finalized.

Note: Site evaluation and initial screening may happen simultaneously.

Franchising of food carts would be a great opportunity for you to earn and be able to give employment to other people. Even myself, if I would be given a chance and funds to put up my own business, I would definitely avail and run my own franchise. Well that’s just one of the businesses that I would venture  🙂

For more information and inquiries, visit 
Or you may call at (02) 370-1236 / 09178863969 
or email at  
Or you may go to Franchise Management System Department
RAMCAR Center, 80-82 Roces Ave., Diliman Quezon City.

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