My One Day Trip to Malaysia: Batu Caves

As part of my one-day trip to Malaysia, I will definitely not pass on going to this amazing tourist spot…

The Batu Caves

Batu Caves is located 13 kilometers north of Kuala Lumpur and considered as one of Malaysia’s most distinctive geographical sites.  Actually, it is just a train ride from KL Central Station( Batu Caves-Port Klang Route).


Batu Caves is also a place of worship for Hindus and this is where the annual Thaipusam festival takes place.  One of the famous attractions at Batu Caves is the 42.7 meters high giant golden statue of Murugan which you will not miss because it is really big!


To enter the Cave proper you would have to climb on to a 272 concrete steps. I personally took the challenge of climbing up. Whew! it was really exciting as I come near the entrance of the cave. Some people that I have come acrossed to are climbing to the top for exercise. Well it is a good exercise, it is not easy to climb and go down a narrow-step stairs.




All the effort was worth it. The place is really beautiful. The limestones formation are really amazing. I’m glad I was able to reach this far.







If climbing up was a challenge, then going down was also a challenge(well for me) because I’m afraid of heights hahahha!


Right after reaching the lower ground, I saw a family preparing their offering, chant a little then went up.



If you tour around Batu Caves vicinity, you will also see other temples/shrines which are also a pilgrimage for Hindus for them to worship, place offers and pray. Please be reminded that Batu Caves is a religious site. Follow instructions when enetring these temples.




Monkeys are also everywhere. So better hold your things tight because these monkeys might mistakenly identify your belongings as food.


It was really a nice experience exploring other cultures at the same time appreciating the beauty and wonders of nature. Batu Caves should be included when you come and visit Malaysia.

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