OISHI ‘O, WOW! Campaign

Since I was a kid I’ve been munching on Oishi products specifically the Oishi Prawn crackers spicy flavor (it’s my favorite) and even if it’s spicy already I still dip it on vinegar with chili to make it more spicy  and I love it!. As I grew, still loving their products, eating those when I’m home or at work or even when i’m out.

Just recently at Trinoma, Oishi launches  the ‘O, Wow! Campaign that calls the youth to “Open up to everyday surprises”- to have an open attitude that embraces life’s surprises, from the simplest to grandest.

Lots of fun, games and surprises were enjoyed by the audience and participants.

The crowd gone wild when three of the Celebrity guests were revealed as they were hidden in three separate cubes…

 First Cube Revealed: Singer actress Julie Anne San Jose

Second cube revealed: Pinoy Rock Band Callalily

Last Cube revealed: Oishi’s O, Wow! Campaign endorser Elmo Magalona.

Elmo, a self-confessed  Oishi muncher since he was a kid, is more than excited to have been singled out as the new Oishi endorser. “I’m really happy to be a part of the Oishi family. I’ve been enjoying their products since I was a kid. And now, I’m looking forward to all the work that I will be doing with them”

Oishi made the crowd more excited, giving the audience a mini concert by the three of the biggest names in showbiz. Julie Anne San Jose, Callalily and Elmo Magalona.

Over the years, Oishi has revolved to become a force to reckon within the snack category. Oishi always surprises with products that create new categories in the snack industry.

For more info visit: https://www.facebook.com/oishi.ph , http://oishi.com.ph/


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