Karylle as the new face of Miladay Today…

Singer-actress-TV host Karylle, celebrates life with sparkles as she become the first brand Ambassador of MILADAY.

“It is like being engaged to yourself. It is a brilliant concept that aims to inspire and remind people that loving one’s self is the ultimate key to one’s hapiness. At this day and age, one does not need someone else to give one an engagement ring or a dream diamond or any precious jewels for that matter. It’s the best gift of love you can give yourself. I am so happy to be a part of this campaign and of this trusted brand. The brand stands for so many good and beautiful things-trust, love, integrity– I am so excited to be its brand ambassador”-says Karylle

 Makers of fine jewelries since 1966, Miladay crafted timeless and timely creations that caters elegance and style. Its founder Mila Dayrit envisioned for every Filipino to own a Miladay no matter how small. Her husband Ting Dayrit, supported her to achieve her dream. 

“My mom’s passion for local culture, love for her loyal workforce and gifted goldsmiths gave birth to Miladay’s collection, a showcase of Filipino artistry through beautifully handicrafted jewerly,” says Christine Dayrit.”The legacy left by my parents continues to be our inspiration to make the Miladay brand bigger, more trusted.”

 The Dayrit siblings, owners of MILADAY together with their first celebrity endorser, Karylle

It is not bad to treat yourself once in a while. If you love jewelries, Miladay is one of the best choices. If you are a romeo and you want to give the love of your life something beautiful miladay can provide something that you can pass on to from generation to generation.


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