Bring Your Sweet Tooth To a Higher Level With Fog City’s Fruit and Nuts Deluxe Ice Cream

Taste a different kind of twist in one of the best and known comfort food in the world…Ice Cream.


Fog City Creamery, a popular organic Ice cream brand and Emperador Distillers Inc. ,a company known for bringing world-class liquor products created a different kind of fusion that will surely entice every palate.

Fog City Creamery just released a different kind of flavor that would definitely give ice cream lovers and liquor connoisseurs a delightful and luxurious ice cream experience.


Fog City’s expertly made Fruit and Nuts Deluxe Ice Cream which has signature touch of Emperador Deluxe’s distinct flavors of Palomino grapes, toffee, almonds and honey that perfectly compliment the rich taste of different fruits, nuts and brandy blended well in the creamy goodness of artisan ice cream.


I personally have tasted the Fruit and Nuts Deluxe Ice Cream and I may say “it is pretty good!”

It is like eating fruitcake. But of course Fruit and Nuts Deluxe Ice Cream is much better. When you eat this ice cream, you can actually taste the brandy and will give you that warm feeling at the same time give you the taste of creamy sweetness.

Too bad I wasn’t able to consume everything because I’m allergic to liquor but definitely I love the combination of flavors specially the brandy which gave Fog City’s Fruit and Nuts Deluxe Ice Cream a brand new kick.

Fog City’s Fruit and Nuts Deluxe Ice Cream is available in different sizes:
Quarter- Php650
Pint- Php350
1/2 Gallon- Php1,300

With Fog City’s expertise in making All-natural ice cream and Emperador Distillers Emperador Deluxe’ luxurious blend, eating ice cream will never be the same again.


For orders you may call Fog City Creamery at (+632) 729-9403 or (0917)883-3344

For more information about Emperador Deluxe you may visit or you may also visit them on Facebook

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