A Dinner Date at Pepper Lunch

Pepper Lunch is treating us to dinner. Yes DINNER. Though, contrary to what the name just states, Pepper Lunch offers meals for anytime.

I had the opportunity together with other bloggers to visit and dine at the Megamall branch of Pepper Lunch.


Pepper Lunch serves a variety of steaks and rice dishes.Pepper Lunch (Peppaa-ranchi) is a “fast-steak” restaurant concept that originated in Japan in 1994. It was created by Japanese chef and inventor, Mr. Kunio Ichinose who wanted to serve quality, fast food without the need to train a chef for years.

Pepper Lunch offers a Do-It-Yourself steaks concept to its customers.Believe me when you see the their menu it will be hard for you to choose what to eat because everything look so delicious heheheh… here’s Pepper Lunch’s menu so you can have a sneak peak of their food choices, and so you can plan what your going to eat according to your budget. Be reminded that per meal is only good for one person.

Pepper Lunch also serve Promo Meals:


The place is quite spacious, the black color  interior made the place classy…and relaxing. It is very accessible since the place is inside the mall already.


The food is served on a hot plate as seen on video above, I ordered BEEF TERRIYAKI(meal #17).

I like the taste of their beef teriyaki, specially when combined with Pepper Lunch’s honey brown sauce, It’s so tasty and delicious. The beef was soft and easy to chew. Pepper Lunch uses Japanese Rice that’s why I think it’s quite heavy on my tummy.



For those who don’t eat meat Pepper Lunch also serves Seafood and fish meals, and salad.

The food was well served. The food was prepared already, but it has to be finished infront of the customers. Either you cook it or teh staff can finish the cooking in front of you.

Desserts were also served to us the ones in their promo namely: PEACHES & LOOPS, CHOCO RUMBLE, RAINBOW SURPRISE. I love Pepper Lunch’s ice cream because it is not that sweet(good for people on a diet) the flavor comes from the toppings and content of the dessert.

I would say that Pepper Lunch can be one of the places that couples can dine in if they prefer affordable Japanese style steaks.

For more info. you can visit http://pepperlunch.com.ph/

3 thoughts on “A Dinner Date at Pepper Lunch

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  2. Pepper Lunch Philippines says:

    It was nice having you over and thank you for the post! Much appreciated! 
    Hope you could pass by again soon to any of our 7 branches! In February number 8 will open in Trinoma food choices, level 2. This will be our first Express outlet! It is going to be good because the prices are lower but the same great taste! 

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