Organic Farm Tour – LAC Farms: Pascual Laboratories’ Source

Being a blogger gave me special access on events, news, people and places. It’s a great opportunity. And being a nurse, by profession and vocation, I continually experience “real-life” drama and situation. And being both a blogger and nurse, I believe that I have an opportunity to say what I advocate for, which is healthy living.

Working as a nurse exposed me to an environment wherein most of the doctors prescribe formulated drugs made by pharmaceutical companies – both local and abroad. However, I believe that organic means can cure a person from diseases and can keep him well.

Fortunately, GirlandBoyThing, with Rey Belen, was invited to tour a 43-hectare organice farm in Nueva Ecija which is called L.A.C Farms, short for Leonie Agri Corp. – the source of organice ingredients of Pascual Laboratories – maker of Ascof Lagundi. And I was there for the experience and information.

After roughly four-hours land travel, we arrived in the L.A.C. Farms. By the time we arrived, we were given Tanglad Tea and organic sweet corn as HEALTHY welcome drinks and snacks.

At first, I was so hesitant to drink the tanglad tea, since I’m not used to drinking herbal teas, since I tried drinking one, years back. And I can still imagine the taste of the tea bag, eeeeeew!

Will my boldness pay-off well?

To my surprise the tanglad (lemongrass) tea in L.A.C. Farm was delicious… and I wanted more hahahahaha.

Lemongrass tea and Sweet Corn

After that nutritious snack , we were toured around the vicinity and we saw different medicinal plants. I remembered some of the plants planted in the farm as one of our topics during college days.

The good thing about these plants is that anyone can culture them, right at their own backyard

LUNCH TIME! The bloggers were served with delicious and healthy food like salad, grilled fish, sinigang, boiled veggies(okra and talong)and turon for dessert. yum yum eating time.

After a delicious lunch, we were oriented about the history of the farm and Pascual Laboratories. The core values of the company and how a “cursed land” the property used to be, before they converted it to an all-organic plantation.

We were toured to the laboratory facility as well. It was neatly kept. (Photos were not allowed, sorry guys.) They explained to us how all the farm outputs are turned to key ingredients of Pascual Laboratories herbal medicine products.

After which, we were all invited to a tractor-pulled-vehicle which was an adventure for all of us.

We were able to see most of the developed areas within the 43-hectare farm. It was huge and ofcourse – Green. Hehehe.

I was so amazed when I saw the pig pen. It has very minimal “pig” odor. Unlike the usual pigpens wherein you would actually know it is a pigpen even miles across. LOL! Fun part is that the LAC Farm’s pigs are also vegetarians, cool isn’t it? The pigs are fed of the loose farm outputs and not with commercial feeds.

What’s more noticeable about the farm is that there are a lot of Bible verses posted within the farm. And they even named parts of L.A.C. Farm with Bible verses. And it is good. I don’t doubt anymore why the land is called now as a “PROMISED Land” Lupang Pangako, compared to what it was called more than 10 years ago as “CURSED Land” .

Truly, their faith in God turned this barren land, to what it is now, a land full of promise, with rich organic plants and a healthy wildlife. The started-off by instilling reverence in God. I won’t be surprised if most, if not all their employees are God-fearing as well. L.A.C. Farms acknowledges God as the center and source of their company.


I personally feel that it is time to really look into our health. Going back to the basics or organic is not a bad idea. In fact, there are proven facts that people are healthier, following the principle of simple, organic eating habits. This, I think, is what Pascual Laboratories is trying to send the consumers now, especially the Filipino moms.

That’s why they recently launched their new blog:  Natural Moms. You can also follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

It was a tiring, but very informative and fulfilling day in L.A.C. Farms. Not to mention, it was a great experience for me, since, this is my first time to join an out-of-town bloggers’ event.

Off to Manila again. ‘Til the next blog.

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