Hotel Sogo Roxas Boulevard Branch Now Open!

Hotel Sogo Roxas Branch

Looking for a place to stay in Manila that is budget-friendly? Hotel Sogo Roxas Boulevard Branch is now open with a brand new look which is way different than any other existing Hotel Sogo branches.

If you would notice in the newest branch, Hotel Sogo Roxas Boulevard Branch changed its signature red-yellow color combination to white and red with minimal yellow.

Eventhough they change the outer look, the interiors remained the same as Japanese-inspired. It also has a spacious lobby and reception area compared to other Sogo branches.

Weren’t able to tour around the entire hotel but like others, Hotel Sogo Roxas Blvd. has the following:

  • Individual LED colored TV sets
  • Telephones
  • Toilet & Bath
  • Dinettes and Dressers
  • Bedside Controls for the lights, audio/video and air-conditioning systems
  • Massage services are available upon request
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • 24-hr Food and Beverage service.

It is also near to some establishments and historic-cultural places like Luneta Park, Cultural Center of the Philippines, National Museum, Intramuros and many more!.

Here are the room rates at Hotel Sogo Roxas Boulevard Branch for your reference. All prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Room Type
12 Hours
24 Hours
Premium Room      P 1,085      P 1,400
Deluxe Room      P 1,205      P 1,750
Executive Room      P 1,325      P 1,950
Regency 1 Room      P 1,475      P 2,350
Regency 2 Room      P 1,675      P 2,650
Motorcycle Deluxe      P 1,205      P 1,750
Motorcycle Executive      P 1,245      P 1,790
Regular Garage      P 1,370      P 1,915
Executive Garage      P 1,570      P 2,270
Mega Garage      P 2,100      P 2,800
Room Type
12 Hours
24 Hours
Premium Room      P 1,235      P 1,550
Deluxe Room      P 1,355      P 1,900
Executive Room      P 1,475      P 2,100
Regency 1 Room      P 1,575      P 2,450
Regency 2 Room      P 1,825      P 2,800
Motorcycle Deluxe      P 1,355      P 1,900
Motorcycle Executive      P 1,395      P 1,940
Regular Garage      P 1,520      P 2,065
Executive Garage      P 1,620      P 2,320
Mega Garage      P 2,150      P 2,850


For inquiries, you contact Hotel Sogo Roxas Boulevard Branch on the following contact details 865 – 6984, (Fax)865 – 6986,  0920-8468011


Facebook: sogo

Twitte: @hotelsogo

Instagram: @hotelsogo


Hotel Sogo Roxas Boulevard Branch Site Map(Photo Source:

Address: #2231 Roxas Blvd. Bgy. San Rafael, Pasay City.

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