Robbie’s Deli in A Hurry: Fresh, Fast and Fun Dining From A Wall!

Robbie’s Deli in A Hurry

Heads up guys! There’s a new food concept store in town that will surely bring the fun on your next food trip… I’m just so excited to share with you my experience when I visited this cool food hub. Wanna know what it is? 

Robbie’s Deli in A Hurry is the 1st-ever vendo food wall establishment in the Philippines conceptualized and operated by RDF Feed, Livestock and Foods Inc., which aims to provide tasty and freshly prepared food at a much faster and convenient pace -served in a fun, unique and unconventional way. No more slow-moving queues. A better choice when you are in a hurry.

RDF’s CEO Robert H. Lo noticed the potential of the vending machine wall food service for the convenience and speed of service of vending machine cafes would very much suit the pace of the diners, particularly working professionals, in the Philippines.

“We at RDF understand the need of dining customers to have access to good food at the shortest amount of time.  With Robbie’s Deli in a Hurry, customers can enjoy high quality food that is freshly prepared daily at price points that suit their budget,” said Lo.

It is not like a typical fast food hub or resto where you order your food and you will just wait for it to be served. It features an impressive automated food wall that serves freshly prepared meals daily. It’s more of a self-service type which is very convenient for people on the go.

What I like about Robbie’s Deli in A Hurry is that all the meals that they are putting in the vendo are freshly-cooked, not preserved. and made from fresh ingredients.

In fact, all meals were crafted by renowned culinary expert Chef Sau Del Rosario. An expert on his craft, and being a culinary practitioner for so many years, he always make sure that the quality, freshness, and of course the taste remains the same at all times.

There are three types of meal variants available at Robbie’s: On-the-Go, Lunch Box and Gourmet.

  • On-the-Go features quick yet filling snacks and dishes like Pan de Embutido, Quezo de Pan de Ham and Pork Tonkatsu with Egg, all for PhP 50.

  • The Lunch Box line includes meals like Barbecue and Sisig, which range from PhP 75 to PhP 100.

  • Gourmet on the other hand, boasts of special dishes like Honey Glazed and Cheesy Beef Stew. Gourmet meals range from PhP 175 to PhP 200.


  1. A diner has to buy tokens at the store that he can use on the vending machines. One token is equivalent to PhP 25 each. 
  2. After getting the tokens, the customer can choose the glass compartment or shelf of his chosen meal. 
  3. The customer then pushes the button to open the glass compartment so he can enjoy his freshly-cooked hot meat from the wall.

Watch this video to see the actual steps on how to order:

It’s actually true, it is fast and very convenient. I experienced it myself, tasted some hot meals and it was good. Plus you can actually see the kitchen and how the staff prepare the food through the glass vending machines. With that you can observe how the food preparation goes. The vending machines are also set into certain temperature to keep the meals warm and to prevent contamination and premature spoilage.

As of today, they only have one branch(Angeles), but soon they will be expanding to 2 more branches in Pampanga and one in Metro Manila.

So that’s all for now about Robbie’s Deli in a Hurry. You might want to visit and try it on your next food trip. It is located at SM City Clark in Pampanga and is open all-day… all-night- 24/7.


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