WOW FIESTA MELODY REVIEW: Singing Like Everyday Fiesta Feels


We Filipinos love music and we love to sing. Singing allows us to relax, entertain, show off (if you have the talent haha), or even bond with others. That reflects on every occassion that we are celebrating- birthdays, anniversaries, fiestas and many more. Name it and for sure one common activity is “videoke or karaoke” which became a normal pastime of most household in the Philippines. Actually, through the years, it has become a part of Filipino culture too. No wonder why establishments with KTVs and videoke rentals are a hit here.

But then the COVID-19 pandemic came. With lots of restrictions being implemented, no more big parties and gatherings are allowed, and KTV bars were shut down. But then that did not stop us Filipinos from doing this thing that we love. We love it so much that almost every Philippine home has a karaoke machine unit.

Just like any other filipinos out there, I also love to sing. I may not be the professional type of singer, but I believe I have some sort of talent. I think. 🤣 Before, whenever we have family reunions, my relatives would always volunteer me to sing for them. I’m a very shy person, that’s why stage fright usually is my enemy. But whenever I’m alone or just chillin with my family at home, I can sing better and videoke is one of the things that we do to bond, de-stress, or to kill boredom.

Just recently, I was able to try and enjoy one product of a popular videoke brand in the Philippines, the WOW! FIESTA MELODY.  And I would like to share with you my thoughts about this cool product as you read further. This is so timely because it’s nearly my birthday. So happy birthday to me! HAHAHA! (Thank you WOW! Fiesta😊)

So much for the introduction, now here’s my hands-on review for the WOW! Fiesta Melody. I hope I can help you decide, if you are considering of buying one.

For step by step procedure on how set up your WOW Fiesta Melody, click here.


  • WOW! Fiesta Melody Main Unit
  • 1 Professional Wired Microphone
  • 1 User-friendly Remote Control
  • 1 Song List
  • 1 User Manual
  • RCA Cable
  • Autovolt Power Adapter

First thing that I love about WOW Fiesta Melody is the the size of the unit itself. Just look how small it is when being held. With this size, it definitely did not give me a hard time to find a place where I can put it on. It can be on top of your television, or speaker system, or just place it anywhere on your TV rack. It is portable enough that you can easily bring it anywhere. It is actually pretty lightweight too.

The unit has two mic slots which is nice if you want to sing in duets. You may use the FREE professional mic which is included in the package and just provide another if you have an extra mic at home. Of course singing alone is good, but singing with someone is more fun right? Unless you are a mic hugger and want to be the star of the show. hahaha!.🤣

WOW Fiesta Melody is not just an ordinary videoke unit. It has more to it. Like the single USB slot. You may use this if you want to transfer and update your songs in the Wow! Fiesta Melody unit to maximize its unlimited song expansion feature.  Just download your karaoke videos online through your laptop and use the WOW! Fiesta Loader App for Windows(click here for the step by step procedure, if via cloud click here).

Here’s a good thing and for sure you’ll be happy to know. Once updated, all your added songs will also have full search and scoring functionality. How cool is that? Belt out your chosen song piece for that perfect 100% score.

Plus if you wanna play your own playlist for songs, music videos, movies or any multi-media files you may do so. Just plug-in your USB, press the USB mode in the remote control and it will display all the files. This model supports different file formats such as follows:

  • AVI
  • MKV
  • MPG
  • DAT
  • FLV
  • VOB
  • TS
  • MP3

WOW Fiesta Melody has 4gb internal memory which contains thousands of built-in English and OPM licensed songs(1,554 English/1,076 OPM). All of these songs were listed and compiled alphabetically into one song book for easy searching of songsIf you can notice the songlist, there are punch holes at the mid section of the songbook. I suggest that you put a metal ring binder to it because you don’t want to have loose or missing pages in the future. But just in case it happens, you can always download the song list at WOW! Fiesta official website.

I find the setup mode very easy to navigate and adjust. You can actually change the setting for Play Mode where you can choose Random Play or Sequence Play of songs, The Theme Setup is where you can change the background from WOW Philippines(Places in PH), to World Tour(Foreign places), to USB Videos(your own videos), and Mixed Videos for random display of background videos

You can also adjust the Score setup to Amateur(beginners), Professional, or Random. I don’t know how the unit gauges my voice when singing, but from what I observed, the more loud and strong my voice is, the higher score that I get.

Maybe you are wondering how you can adust the volume of the mic 1, mic 2, including the echo, since there’s no button for each on the actual unit. You can simply adjust all of it using the remote control.There’s a specific button for each mic. Press whichever mic slot you are using and press the left or right arrow button to adjust volume. Melody, Tempo, and Key Adjustment can also be adjusted using the remote.

I’ve mentioned this already earlier, but I just want to highlight this very nice feature of WOW! Fiesta. I like how this brand showcases the beautiful places that we have here in the Philippines in every song. It’s like giving you a glimpse of what Philippine tourism is all about. “Mapapa-WOW Philippines ka talaga!”. Singing with a view even if I’ve never been to some of those places is really fun. I love traveling, and just by looking at these beautiful Philippine travel videos make me want to travel more locally. Will definitely add some to my bucketlist.

It is much more enticing to look at too because of the 1080p Full HD Output, giving these video backgrounds vivid color and sharp details.

This is another cool feature. You can sing all you want and queue up to 99 songs in the WOW Fiesta Melody Reserved List. 99 songs! That’s a lot. This is very useful especially if you are with your friends and family with multiple song entries. You don’t need to write your songs on a paper, just encode it using the remote and it will go directly to the reserved list. You’ll know which song is next to play as it will be displayed from time to time in your TV screen.

Lastly, did you know that you can enjoy doing videoke in your own car? Yes! You read it right. WOW Fiesta Melody is Car friendly! Since it is compact in size, you can easily intall it in your car. Adding to that is the3.55mm IR jack that will give its users easy remote access. Check out the video above on how to install DIY style.

WHERE TO BUY? WOW! Fiesta Melody is available on, Lazada, Shopee and leading appliance stores nationwide for only PHP4,999.

WOW! Fiesta also has two other model variants such as follows: WOW! Fiesta HD Mini which is priced at PHP3,999 and WOW! Fiesta Medley 2 which is priced at PHP11.499.

For more details and updates about WOW! Fiesta products you may visit their Facebook page and their website




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