“True Love” by TREAL Music Now Available In Spotify and Apple Music

"True Love" by TREAL Now Available In Spotify and Apple Music

I love listening and singing Christian songs. That’s because most of it are about testimonies of what God has done in people’s lives. Not only that, a gospel song is an essential tool to spread the word of God, spread hope, to encourage and remind us of God’s love and promises through the scriptures.

Personally, it makes my soul at peace and uplifted as if the lyrics are God way of talking to me and me talking to God, praising Him and glorifying Him. Just like this new song, the first single of TREAL Music entitled, TRUE LOVE.

You loved me first when I’m unlovable

You touched me first when I’m untouchable

You quenched my thirst with grace unstoppable

You quenched my thirst with grace unstoppable

Unstoppable ohh ohhh

Unstoppable ohh ohhh


Jesus, so grateful for You

Jesus, so in love with You

My Jesus, so grateful for You

Jesus, so in love with You


Love is kind and it won’t run dry

I am His, He’s mine, all mine

That is His True Love

(Chorus 2)x2

That is True Love

That is Real Love

That is Sweet Love

My First and Last Love


Jesus it’s you

Jesus it’s you


(Chorus 2)x2

TRUE LOVE by TREAL Music depicts the genuine love of Jesus Christ for us and listening to this song will show a glimpse of how wonderful our lives are in Him.

To give you an idea how it all started, TREAL is short for True + Real, created for genuine passion. The group formed spontaneously when JUNGSU and his long-time friend were jamming out at church on a Friday night. “True Love” is the Korean-American Hip-Hop artist’s first official release within the Gospel / Worship genre.

“The pure love of Jesus Christ overwhelmed me in such an unfathomable way that I thought human words cannot do much justice to capture and describe. So, I stayed within a simple expression throughout the chorus to praise our Beautiful Savior!”


Stream TREAL Music’s True Love on the following music streaming sites:

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/1rRMvZZFUxS2rrHhElglEB?si=5e03179052264138

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/ph/album/true-love/1571618453?i=1571618458

Melon멜: https://www.melon.com/album/detail.htm?albumId=10622817

Genie지니:  https://www.genie.co.kr/detail/albumInfo?axnm=82082642

 Bugs벅스: https://vibe.naver.com/album/5985329

VIBE바이브: https://music.bugs.co.kr/album/20401623?wl_ref=list_ab_01



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