Chereine Royal: A Complete Skin Care Line Fit For A Queen

Chereine Royal

Over the past 15 years, FKC International(FKC stands for Friendship, Kindness and Care) has gained worldwide acclaim as a provider of 100-percent natural beauty and wellness products formulated by experienced scientists and nutritionists.

After years of studies, FKC International has finally come up with an innovative skin care line that promises a regal brand of beauty regardless of age – CHEREINE ROYAL – a complete skin care line that promises to help women achieve beautiful, healthy and virtually ageless skin fit for a queen.

Chereine Royal offers an extensive and exclusive high-performance skin care system for…
Daily Sun Protection

Chereine targets the most common skin concerns such as dullness, UV damage, aging, and sensitivity and provides protection fit for the timeless beautiful skin of the Filipinas. Plus it is Paraben-Free, Alcohol-Free and has no chemically-derived preservatives.

Pia Lamberg is a former Miss Finland who represented her country at the 2011 Miss Universe pageant in Sao Paolo, Brazil. After her Miss Universe sting, Pia was signed by a major global modeling agency, and she has since gained international recognition for her work with over 100 global brands as well as dozens of endorsements.

Carrying the brand with pride as its Brand Ambassador is Pia Lamberg, who exudes a timeless and queenly beauty and exemplifies Chereine Royal’s commitment to women everywhere.

Chereine Royal
Mr. Yong Shen, General Manager of FKC Philippines, introduced Pia Lamberg as Chereine Royal’s Brand Ambassador during Marilag, FKC Philippines’ National Convention, where he also welcomed members and new friends to the organization.

Chereine beleives that every woman deserves to treat themselves as a true queen-starting with their skin. Take care of your skin now and live beautiful with Chereine.

Chereine Royal

For inquiries about the Chereine Royal line of skin care products, follow them at Facebook and Instagram, @ChereinePH.

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