How To Throw the Perfect Memorial Day Weekend Party

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It’s the countdown to Memorial Day and I am pretty sure that it’s hard to concentrate at work thinking about all the fun things that you’ll be doing on the MDW holiday. There’s the family beach day, concert in downtown Miami, sizzling night life in South Beach, special city-wide memorial day celebrations and the all-night party with your family and besties.

With so many fun activities to do, who has time to look for the perfect venue to host your party? Fret not, you can always turn to the Los Angeles event rentals specialists to help you find the perfect weekend venue for your MDW party and help with the furniture rental too.

This is how you can throw a fool-proof Memorial Day bash that will be one for the books:


1.  For appetizers, you will want to go small so you and your guests can fit as many appetizers as possible onto fancy red plastic plates. The standby of tortilla chips and dip can be spiced up with homemade guacamole or extra spicy salsa with ghost peppers!


2.   For the mains, you can’t go wrong with grilling hamburgers, hot dogs, and turkey burgers, especially if you have some delicious barbecue sauce and top notch ketchup on hand. 

3.  A key to hosting guests, especially with kids, is to have fluid meal times. Round up some plates and plastic utensils and set your table so everyone can eat when they are hungry. Throw in some lawn games and you’ve got the best day ever. You can leave the job of bringing utensils, plates, cups and furniture to the party rentals San Diego professionals, who will get this job done to your complete satisfaction. 


4.  There is nothing better than a cold, crisp glass of sangria on a hot summer day. It’s the perfect summer drink because it is both fruity and tart. Make a pitcher of your favorite red or white, throw in some seasonal fruit, a dash of honey, and maybe a special ingredient or two, and you’ve got a killer Memorial Day beverage that everyone will love.


5.  Not to be missed are delicious summer-friendly desserts such as ice cream bars and apple pies with ice cream for some patriotic flavor.

Please remember to drink responsibly, and have fun on your MDW party! 

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