Shop at Pet Express’ Official Store in Shopee and Get up to 30% OFF!

Pet Express PH Shopee

Good news to all pet lovers and furparents out there! Your go to shop for your pet’s needs, Pet Express, is officially available in Shopee! I’m so happy with this news. With all the health restrictions being implemented during this time of pandemic, getting supplies may it be food, treats, accessories, or medications for my […]

GET Up To 70% OFF On Top Gaming Products at Shopee Gamers’ Festival from July 9 to 16

Shopee Gamers’ Festival

During the pandemic, there was a rapid and significant growth in the gaming industry as more people searched for new forms of entertainment while staying at home. An international survey revealed that about 63 percent of respondents from countries heavily impacted by the pandemic increased their gameplay time and will continue to grow in the […]

C the Best of Nature, Beauty, and Life Through the Lens of CAMON 17


With the newest TECNO Mobile smartphone release in PH, CAMON 17, comes a photo exhibit event featuring the work of some of the country’s top photographers namely Noel Guevara, Niccolo Cosme, and Andrea Beldua . Every photo showcased in the exhibit aims to display life’s beauty through the lens of CAMON 17, while also raising awareness […]

Accessible Health And Wellness Made Possible At Watsons


Taking vitamins not only gives us energy to help us get through the day, it also helps boost the immune system and improve our memory and mood. Ideally, we get these vitamins and nutrients from food. But present realities make that a bit difficult. Buying fresh food is not easy right now and finding the time […]

8 Vice Cosmetics Must-Haves For Your Everyday “Unkabogable” Look

Vice Cosmetics

We all know that wearing makeup during this time of pandemic could be a bit complicated.  Maybe some of you would ask, why still wear makeup if it will just be concealed behind the face mask and face shield? Why not? Definitely you can still doll-up whether you are going out for work, running some errands, […]

Take Better Selfie Photos With The New TECNO Mobile Camon 17 Series

Premium smartphone brand, TECNO Mobile invites smartphone users in the Philippines to ‘C the Best of You’ with the launch of its new Camon 17 series. Promising the clearest selfie camera, Camon 17 is designed for photo enthusiasts, influencers, content creators, and anyone who desires to achieve beautiful self-portraits each and every time. Coming to […]

Top 6 realme 8 5G Features To Love

realme 8 5G Review: A Mid-Range 5G-Capable Smartphone On A Budget

5G technology is one of the features that consumers are looking for in a smartphone. High internet speed, low latency, more reliability. These are  some of the things what realme wants us all to experience. In short, to capture infinite possibilities with the power of 5G. That is why they have come up with a 5G […]

A Furpect Love & Protection: Get Your Dog Insured With Malayan’s Pet Care Insurance

Malayan’s Pet Care Insurance

As a fur parent who owns 4 amazing dogs, I wanted to give to them the furpect love and protection that they truly deserve. Pardon me for being sentimental, but they really bring joy all the time, effortlessly boosting my mood despite all the stressors I’m experiencing on a daily basis. I know every furparent […]