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Shop at Pet Express’ Official Store in Shopee and Get up to 30% OFF!

Pet Express PH Shopee

Good news to all pet lovers and furparents out there! Your go to shop for your pet’s needs, Pet Express, is officially available in Shopee! I’m so happy with this news. With all the health restrictions being implemented during this time of pandemic, getting supplies may it be food, treats, accessories, or medications for my […]

A Furpect Love & Protection: Get Your Dog Insured With Malayan’s Pet Care Insurance

Malayan’s Pet Care Insurance

As a fur parent who owns 4 amazing dogs, I wanted to give to them the furpect love and protection that they truly deserve. Pardon me for being sentimental, but they really bring joy all the time, effortlessly boosting my mood despite all the stressors I’m experiencing on a daily basis. I know every furparent […]

Doggies’ Choice Kawati Naturale Shampoo Review

Doggies' Choice Kawati Naturale Shampoo review Ph

Did you know? Ticks, fleas, and mites can cause serious health problems and skin issues to your dog. Anemia, Ehrlichia(Dengue in Dogs), Tick Paralysis, Flea Allergic Dermatitis, and Mange, just to mention a few. This may sound scary, but the good news is, these illnesses and skin conditions can be prevented or at least lessen the […]

BRING MY PET TO THE VET: A Royal Canin’s Campaign For Responsible Pet Ownership

Bring My Dog to the Vet

Being a pet owner, may it be dog, cat, rabbit, hamster, snake, parrot, is fun, but it is also a big responsibility. It’s like having your own child where you have to provide their needs. That includes bringing them to the vet regularly for health check, especially when they are sick. Over the past year, […]

4 Beginner Tips For Breeding Aquarium Fish

4 Beginner Tips For Breeding Aquarium Fish

Fishkeeping is a fun yet expensive hobby. Aquarium enthusiasts worldwide may have considered pairing some of their fish to see whether they’ll produce small healthy fry. In turn, some keep them and enjoy a sustainable way of expanding their aquarium collection. Others consider the lucrative side of fish breeding and supply for pet stores and […]

Get Your Fur-parenting Tips with Royal Canin Club App

royal canine

Thinking of adopting a new furry friend soon? Then you must need to know how to take care of them properly as a responsible pet owner. Where else can you find tips to make your pets have a full and happy life? you may easily get it at The Royal Canin Club App. As the […]

Royal Canin Club Mobile App Now available in iOS and Google Play

Royal Canin Club

Leading and trusted pet care brand Royal Canin Philippines just launched via FB live their very own rewards program mobile app, Royal Canin Club. The app aims to aid doting pet owners in keeping their furry babies delighted and healthy. And Oh! it is user-friendly and it’s FREE! Royal Canin Philippines understands the unique bond […]

Temptations cat treats now exclusively available at Shopee


Having pets in the house is like having your very own kids. You feed them, bathe them, bring them to the doctor(vet) when they are sick or just to check if they are in healthy condition, and you train them. When a dog or a cat did good, you give them reward of either affection […]