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Watsons People’s Choice and New Product Favorites For The Year 2021


Admit it. When you go inside any Watsons store, most of the time, you’re not going out of the store without buying anything. I’m guilty to that. I love strolling around looking at different products available. Watsons usually is my go to store whenever I need to buy health, wellness and even beauty needs. Good […]

Get Crystal Bright Skin With Hada Labo Premium Whitening Range

Premium Whitening Range

Skin care shouldn’t be complicated. For a busy person like me, I want my skincare to be as simple as possible, at the same time very safe to use since I have a sensitive skin. Good thing there’s Hada Labo, which uses only the finest, purest, and highly effective ingredients that are beneficial to the skin […]

8 Vice Cosmetics Must-Haves For Your Everyday “Unkabogable” Look

Vice Cosmetics

We all know that wearing makeup during this time of pandemic could be a bit complicated.  Maybe some of you would ask, why still wear makeup if it will just be concealed behind the face mask and face shield? Why not? Definitely you can still doll-up whether you are going out for work, running some errands, […]

Top 5 Lanbena Skin Care Must-Haves For Your Beauty Routine


Being in my late 30’s(Yes, i’m not ashamed of my age-it’s part of life!), I am already seeing changes on my skin. Fine lines, very minimal wrinkles, changes in my skin texture which I’m quite expecting to have since it is a scientific fact that as we age, we are very prone with these kind […]

Teviant Lip Spell in Elizabeth and Haute Exclusively Available In Shopee!


The Covid-19 pandemic really changed a lot in the way we live our daily lives. From physical distancing, to wearing face shields and face masks in order to protect ourselves and others from the deadly virus. Following the new normal health protocols, others tend to think that wearing makeup is just a waste of time […]

Candy Dollz’ Maggie Magic Cream Blush for a Natural-Looking, Blushed Cheeks

Maggie Magic Cream

OOOOOH! you know what guys, I’ve got a very promising Filipino-owned cosmetic brand of cream blush that will surely get your attention. Have you heard about Candy Dollz’ Maggie Magic Cream Blush?. Yes, your read it right  “Magic cream blush”. You’ll know why as you read further. Candy Dollz was launched in April 2018 and distributed by SAM4 […]

Shop your Korean Skin Care and Makeup At SM Beauty K-Beauty Zone

SM Beauty K-Beauty zone makati

For years now, K-Beauty skincare products has always been my go-to regimen when it comes to keeping my skin pampered. I usually use different Korean beauty masks, moisturizers, toners, facial wash and a whole lot more because I love to take care of my skin(and I’m not getting any younger. So i need it badly […]

A Shine-Free Weekend at Avène Cleanance Sale + Cleanance Cleansing Gel First Impression

For me, having both oily and sensitive skin are a very tough skin type combo to have. With my oily skin, I’m very much prone to pore blockage and breakouts. Plus that shiny “nagmamantika” skin look is kinda not appealing right?(hello, oil blotting paper! my long-time bestfriend). As for the other, having a sensitive skin […]